Ikan Bilis Capital

Financial freedom should not have to come at a cost to anyone. Ikan Bilis Capital is here to make them happen. Earn your free challenge by signing up on ikanbilis.capital and our discord channel to start your journey to financial freedom.


  1. Plankton: 100 HERR tokens
  2. Shrimp: 300 HERR tokens
  3. Crab: 500 HERR tokens
  4. Fish: 800 HERR tokens
  5. Octopus: 1000 HERR tokens
  6. Dolphin: 3000 HERR tokens
  7. Shark: 5000 HERR tokens
  8. Whale: 8000 HERR tokens
  9. Humpback: 10000 HERR tokens

Leveraged Yield Mining protocols vs Retail Investors

The concept of credit is about bring forward the desires and wants that you can only afford in future into the present. Leverage yield farming is no different, you borrow in order to earn more tokens right away.

The only reason why you’d invest your money in one of these…

Ikan Bilis Capital

Unshackle the chains of financial bondage at ikanbilis.capital

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