Lo & Behold the HERR ILO — 25th October, 13:25 GMT+8

Hi everyone, we are proud to announce that Ikan Bilis DAO’s ILO is coming! Ikan Bilis will be launching their social and utility tokens HERR on the 25th of October at 13:25 GMT+8

What is Ikan Bilis DAO?

Ikan Bilis DAO provides governance to the profits made by Ikan Bilis Capital through the sale of software services made for traders by traders as well as the share of trading profits from the prop trading arm of the firm. Over the next few months and throughout 2022, we will release full details on the governance token as well as the NFT which will govern the DAO in a fair and sustainable manner.

What are some of the key features of the HERR token?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of use cases for the HERR tokens.

  1. Fees for payment of goods and services on the platform
  2. Reward and incentivise activities for the social good
  3. Staking to earn the IKAN governance token
  4. Bonus and Incentives for our most profitable traders
  5. Budget proposals for decision making on the DAO
  6. Liquidity pools on DEXes to facilitate trade between crypto assets

These use cases provide a deflationary effect on the supply of HERR tokens and reduces the supply available to be traded on DEXes.

PS: We’re constantly finding new ways to uncover new use cases for the HERR token. If you have any suggestions, please give us a shoutout in our discord channel.



Name: HERR

Symbol: HERR

Decimal places; 18

Contract Address: 0xaed5E14D8c1c264B21289a238496D7b5840c9013

Smart chain name: Binance Smart Chain

Foundation/team : 10% (10 year lockup)

Advisors/Marketing: 25% (10 year lockup)

Liquidity/Listing: 10% (Liquidity locking and paid for launchpads)

Treasury: 50% (Paid out to traders/community members as reward, for partnerships, development, collaborations and integration) (over 10 years lockup)

ILO: 3% (1 month lock up)

Airdrop: 2% (no lock up)

The HERR tokens will launch on Unicrypt

We will run an ILO on the Unicrypt launchpad through their web application.

How to participate?

Community members will be able to participate simply by visiting Unicrypt on the date of the launch. In order to stay through to the ethos of Ikan Bilis DAO, there’s no presale or private rounds conducted for this token and it will be launched as a fair sale on the Unicrypt launchpad.

The only exclusive rounds are available to only UNCX and UNCL holders and is a native feature of the launchpad.

ROUND 0: Half of the hardcap is open to sale to UNCL holders willing to burn their tokens

ROUND 1: An exclusive round for UNCL and UNCX holders that lasts two hours.

ROUND 2: Open to everyone!

The ILO will have a fixed total distribution of 30, 000, 000 HERR tokens to be sold at a price of $0.01 USD per token. The raise will be conducted inn $BUSD (so make sure to fund your wallet with BUSD in advance).

HERR will be available on PancakeSwap

Following the launch of the initial offering, the token will immediately be traded on pancake swap where customers of Ikan Bilis Capital can purchase tokens in order to shave the price off the purchase of trading challenges and other up and coming software services on the platform.

Full Sale Details

  • Date and time — 25th October, 13.25 (noon) GMT+8
  • Location: Unicrypt launchpad
  • HERR available for sale — 30, 000, 000
  • Price per token — $0.01 BUSD
  • Raise currency — BUSD
  • Max allocation per wallet — 1000BUSD
  • Token address — 0xaed5E14D8c1c264B21289a238496D7b5840c9013

Stay alert and aware of scammers

Much like in all IDO processes, there will likely be attempts at scamming the community through Telegram groups or otherwise. Please make sure you’re always on our official channels and websites below and take note of the following:

  • Anyone offering to sell you tokens is trying to scam you
  • We will never add you to a telegram group offering you a sale, nor DM you to offer you whitelist or allocation
  • Always ensure you’re visiting the correct https://app.unicrypt.network/ website
  • Only follow our own channels and take note of the name of our channels

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